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ZB-32 Water Bath Sterilizer


Our engineers are able to custom design your precise requirement for the Auto Clave Machine.

This water bath sterilization Auto Clave use super-heated circulating water as sterilization heating carrier to carry out water spray sterilization on articles. In the whole working process, the super-heated water operates in a relatively closed circulating system. The modified equipment has a series of advantages, such as high thermal efficiency, good temperature uniformity, wide temperature regulation range and so on. And effectively preventing secondary pollution in the working process. Supplemented by back pressure protection measures.

Water Bath Auto Clave
Price starting from : 100,000 USD
Min. order : one set

Multi-effect Water Distillation Plant


About Multi-effect Water Distillation Plant

Multi effect distillation machine usually consists of two or more evaporation heat exchangers, separation devices, preheaters, two condensers, valves, instruments and control parts. The general system has 3 ~ 8 effects, and each effect includes an evaporator, a separation device, and a preheater.

The multi effect distillation machine is a kind of equipment that takes de-ionized water as raw water and heats it with steam to produce water for injection. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, automatic detection of water quality of injection water, etc. the water quality of injection water produced by the machine is stable and high purity, and the effluent quality meets the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, American Pharmacopoeia The machine can also produce high-purity steam for sterilization and disinfection. It is an ideal equipment for water making in hospital, pharmaceutical, electronic, food and beverage industries and an equipment meeting the GMP standard in pharmaceutical industry

Different heat source heating methods: LDS uses boiler steam to enter the evaporator, and the preheater is heated raw water; LDF uses boiler steam to enter the evaporator and preheater at the same time.

Different separation methods: LDS adopts falling film evaporation gravity sedimentation screen for de-foaming, and LDF adopts falling film evaporation gravity sedimentation spiral track centrifugation.

Advantages of LDS type: compared with F type, 6-effect S-type distilled water machine does not use cooling water, 5-effect micro cooling water, high heat exchange utilization rate, energy saving, long service life, convenient maintenance and not easy to leak

Muti Effect Water Distillation Plant
Price starting from : 45,000USD
Min order : one set

Pharmaceutical Purified Water System



Reverse osmosis [reverse osmosis (RO)] is a very useful membrane separation unit operation. The use of RO covers almost all industrial sectors, including desalination of water (drinking water from brackish water and seawater), purification of auxiliary treatment process water (purification of cooling water and boiler water), production of high-purity rinsing water (production of rinsing water for paint deposition and semiconductor chip washing), water in contact with chemical manufacturing industry (water for pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing) Production of food and beverage (concentration of fruit juice and production of cheese) and purification of industrial sewage (purification treatment before sewage discharge or adjustment), etc. The reverse osmosis process has the advantages of simple operation and high desalination efficiency. When used in pharmaceutical water system, it also has high heat removal capacity and is relatively economical.

EDI, namely continuous electro desalting technology, combines electrodialysis with ion exchange technology to realize the directional migration of ions under the action of electric field, so as to achieve deep purification and desalting.


Reverse Osmosis pure water equipment from 100L/h to 200000L/h

  1. The pre-treatment of purified water machine can preliminarily treat the raw water and meet the inlet water requirements of RO system.
  2. The secondary RO, secondary ro + EDI or primary ro + EDI components of the purified water machine refine the pretreated water to remove various ions and microorganisms in the water, and the water quality meets the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia.
Pharmaceutical Purified Water System
Price starting from : 100,000USD
Min order : one set

Ampoule Machinery

Ampoule Wash -Sterilization -Filling- Sealing Combine Line

From 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml,2 0ml

This combine line consist of vertical ultrasonic washing machine, hot air circulation drying & sterilizing machine, ampoule filling and sealing machine. It can be used separately. This line can finish the following procedures: transporting bottle with belt, pouring water, ultrasonic washing, flushing, gas filling, preheating, drying and sterilizing, cooling, nitrogen charging before filling, filling, nitrogen charging after filling, sealing. It’s conform to the latest GMP requirement.

Technical parameters
  1. The unit structure is reasonable and the floor area is small.
  2. Intelligent control system, automatic production process, simple operation and maintenance, few operators and high production efficiency.
  3. The production process is carried out under sealed or laminar flow conditions to prevent cross contamination and meet the requirements of GMP.
  4. It can produce various specifications of water injection preparations, with fast replacement of specifications and good universality.
Ampoule Machinery
Price starting from : 200,000 USD
Min order : one set



It is widely used in blood products, vaccines, biological products, chemicals and other pharmaceutical fields, especially in western medicine. Freeze dryer will be used in many large pharmaceutical factories. In terms of injections, freeze-drying process can improve the quality and storage life of drugs.


Model: 1-3㎡,  5~10㎡,  15~20 ㎡,  30~50㎡

Main Technical Advantages

  1. Professional gas diversion design and control technology, strong water catching capacity and high drying efficiency.
  2. The professionally designed control system can save multiple groups of process formulas, and can adjust the process in real time during the drying process to improve the process optimization rate.
  3. Flexible manual + automatic control mode, manual is used to explore the process, and automatic is used for mass production
  4. The user level and password can be set, and the operation management can be decentralized to meet the relevant requirements of GMP.
  5. Customization can be carried out according to user needs
Price starting from : 120,000 USD
Min order : one set

Solution Preparation System


We provide the design, manufacturing, installation and test support of the solution system and solution preparation system to our customers.

Design will happen according to the customer`s actual needs and the disinfection requirement, meeting the GMP, ISPE engineering guide and FDA regulations, make proper use of the space, let the operation easily, choosing the better cleaning pipes and fittings, make sure there is no dead leg and no contamination in the design and installation, proper control of returning, fully meet the customer`s requirement and validation.

Solution Preparation System
Price start from : 150,000 USD
Min order : one set
5 in 1 Tube Filling Sealing Machine
Price starting from : 15,000 USD
Min order : two pieces

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